Team Lab’s – Transcending Boundaries – A temporary pop-up immersive Visual art exhibition 

Last week I attended Team Lab’s pop up exhibition ‘Transcending Boundaries’ at London’s Pace Gallery in Burlington gardens. The free exhibit featured three rooms of immersive installations that seek to involve the viewer through interactivity and explore the role of digital technology. Through never before seen pieces, the exhibit takes the viewer out of reality and uses the technology to enhance the consumer experience.

Team Lab is a collective, interdisciplinary creative group that brings together professionals from various fields of practice in the digital society: artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians, architects, web and print graphic designers and editors. Referring to to themselves as ultra-technologists, the group aims to go beyond the boundaries between art, science, technology and creativity through co-creative activities. 

As someone who is particularly infatuated with finding immersive experiences and the incorporation of technology to enhance this philosophy, I decided to go and check it out.

The exhibition allows for a 20 minute allocated time to explore the entire exhibition, so I had anticipated that this was going to be a rather small affair. (I was right) When we arrived at the Pace Gallery, we awaited in a small holding room until our time slot had arrived. We were provided with information that would help explain the ideology behind each piece. We entered the first room and following the recommendation from one of the staff, headed to the furthest exhibit in order to work our way backwards and avoid heavy traffic.

The first installation was in a dark room where we were handed white shoals upon entering and told to wear these to enhance the experience. We were also instructed that we had 5 minutes in this particular space…..tick tock. The first piece was called ‘Flowers bloom on people’. This installation was pretty neat. The space to begin with is dark/black but as people come into the space, flowers begin to blossom and spread below their feet. When those flowers come into contact with another person, they connect. All the while the viewer is still, flowers are born and grow, covering them in their entirety, but, once the viewer moves, the flowers die and decay.

‘Flowers Bloom On People

Whats particularly interesting about this installation, is that is is neither a pre recorded animation or on a loop. The work is rendered in real time by a computer programme where the artwork continually changes and will never reoccur.  

5 minutes were up and we were hurried along to the next part of the exhibit. We stepped into another dark room where we were greeted by a long screen with animated waves on it. Whilst this creation was beautiful to look at and I imagine, cleverly created, for me, this installation was a little less ‘interactive’ and I found myself scurrying on to the next part. 

‘Dark Waves’

The final and most impressive part of the exhibit consisted of SIX different digital artworks, which together, created a spectacular room.  So much so, that I actually thought it was one piece. I unfortunately didn’t pay much attention to the two pieces hung up on either side of the wall, due to the waterfall. The digital waterfall at the back of the room, was extremely beautiful and mesmerising to gaze upon. Named ‘The Universe of Water Particles” ran down from the back wall and onto the floor and moved around moving elements in the space to make it appear as though you were standing in the water. What further emphasised the beauty of this display, was a secondary layer of art called “Flowers and People” which, like the first exhibit we saw, created digital flowers on the floor and walls. However, this time, the flowers were born and then would die in a continuous cycle that represented a seasonal year of flowers, blossoms and scatters. The combination of the two was absolutely amazing and so very beautiful. (What I would give to have this in my house) 


Within the same room, there were moving butterflies, that fluttered all across the walls and the hanging art pieces. This was also very visually beautiful and another favourite of mine. It seemed to fit perfectly with the rest of the room. 

Here’s a few more photos from the exhibition. It was a little difficult to catch some of the exhibit without the flash. 

Interested in attending Team Labs ‘Transcending Boundaries”? The exhibition runs until the 11th March. Tickets are free and must be booked in advance. Click the link below to find out more and book your tickets. 

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