I received exclusive tickets to the brand new Live Action Beauty and the Beast, starring Emma Watson, Luke Evans and more. 

I spent the morning of Thursday 23rd February as I usually do, scrolling through my Instagram feed, when I saw that Josh Gad (soon to be in Beauty and the Beast) had posted about an opportunity to win exclusive tickets to the premiere screening of the film that evening! Obviously, I applied to win straight away and I asked my friend to also apply to increase our chances. To be honest, I didn’t expect to stand a chance, however…..later that day, my friend called to inform me that she had actually been selected to win a pair of tickets!!!! EEEEP! Now, I cannot begin to comprehend how thrilled I was…not just because I was going to see the film 3 weeks early but that I was going to the Gala screening with the cast and crew themselves!!! Yup, today was going to be a good day. Since the announcement that Emma Watson was cast as Belle last year, I have been so desperate to see this film, and as a huge huge huge film fanatic, I was ecstatic to be offered a chance to go to the official screening in London’s, Leicester Square.

We arrived to the Odeon cinema later that day to collect our passes via a guest list ready for the doors to open at 6! The crowds of Beauty and the Beast fans were already building desperate to catch a glimpse of the stars as they arrived so it was admittedly rather confusing as to where we needed to be. Finally, despite being told we needed to wait with the crowd, we were directed inside and headed for our seats which turned out was in the front row, right in the middle! So very lucky! As people slowly filtered in, we noticed that everyone was chatting away to each other and everyone seemed to know everyone….ummmm, are we in the right place?











An hour passed, and more and more people filtered in. Eventually, Edith Bowman came out and introduced director Bill Condon who went on to announce that this was in fact THE actual premier for Beauty and the Beast before proceeding to thank the entire cast and crew who were sitting up in the circle seats! SO COOL! One by one, each cast member came out and introduced the next cast member until the ENTIRE CAST was on stage. Yes folks, this includes Emma Thompson, Sir Ian Mckellen, Stanley Tucci, Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Dan Stevens AND Emma Watson. 🙂 Once all were on stage, Emma gave a small introductory speech before joining the crew upstairs in the circle of the theatre ready to watch the film. 

OH MY GOSH…..the film was about to start……..








***Don’t worry, there will be no spoilers here***

What I will say however, is that this is undoubtedly one of the best films I have seen in a very long time and it far exceeded my expectations. Not only was it magical, beautiful and cinematically stunning, it did justice to the original in a truly wonderful rendition.  The casting was perfection and the music was inspiring. Bill Condon really did the film justice and created a piece of work that stays true to the Disney classic, whilst producing something brand new and original. I remember just feeling so elated through the film, particularly during the musical numbers! A huge thumbs up. Trust me when I say this….you HAVE TO, no NEED TO see this film.  

When the film was over, we stayed and listened to the credits whilst the audience and crew alike clapped with enjoyment. Slowly people began to filter out. 

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Here are a few photos from the screening. Apologies, the quality isn’t brilliant, I did not have my camera with me.


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