I won tickets to attend and exclusive Q&A with the stars of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them! 

As a self-confessed, die-hard fan of JK Rowling’s wizarding world and long term devotee to the Harry Potter series (and books!) you can imagine the excitement and utter joy when I received an email early Wednesday morning from Warner Brothers awarding me with x2 tickets to the Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them Global Fan Event!

Fumbling, in anticipation, I opened the email to see that I had indeed, won the opportunity to attend a live Q&A with the ENTIRE Fantastic Beasts cast….I’m talking Eddie Redmayne folks. *Insert dream eyes. Not to mention the inclusion of director David Yates and Producer David Haymen aka the masterminds behind the HP movies and like any wizarding world enthusiast, I wanted to share the experience with you.

On the day…

Knowing the hunger that often comes with the passionate Harry Potter fan, I thought it best to get to the queue in enough time to ensure that I wouldn’t find myself squinting at the very back of a very large theatre and struggling to see pretty much anything! So we (myself and my sister) decided to head to the Empire theatre at 6.15pm and fortunately, found ourselves behind just a few people. (BONUS) Before we knew it, we were surrounded by Newt Scamangers, Hogwarts students, bellatix lestrange’s and even a marauders map as zealous fans eagerly hurried to join the fast growing queue.

After queuing for what felt like hours (I exaggerate) the doors to the Empire theatre finally opened at 7.15pm and we hurried through where we were greeted by a huge display of multiple Newt suitcases and a mini press red carpet where the cast were being interviewed. As much as I wanted to sneak a peak at Eddie (so close) I made a B line for the ‘Wand station’ (yup!) where were given a wand each (newts wand) and a silver bag. Finally we were allowed into the auditorium and we managed to get seats on the second row! Phew, so we were within good view. 

On each seat was a bag of popcorn, a poster and a bottle of water which entertained us as we waited in anticipation. Eventually Edith Bowman took to the stage to welcome us as she prepared to go live across the globe. Formal introductions were made and each of the cast members were invited on stage along with David Heyman and David Yates. The best part of the evening was a surprise appearance from the incredible JK Rowling herself! And as if that wasn’t enough….she goes on to announce that there will be 5 more films for the fantastic beast franchise!!!!! The whole audience of course roared with cheering and clapping. (Including myself). 

After about an hour, the Q&A came to a close and the cast said their goodbyes and we were very excitedly given the opportunity to see the first 10 minutes of the film!!!!!! And it was incredible. Having grew up with Harry Potter and continued to adore the world, it was surreal to revisit it again after all this time! 

Here are a few more photos from the event. I must apologise for the terrible quality, I did not have my camera with me! 



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